Just like that bird am I in loss of time,

Whenever I venture on the stream of rhyme;

With shattered boat, oar snapt, and canvass rent,

I slowly sail, scarce knowing my intent.

Creative writings journal.

I could be a blazing Volcano, or a flourishing hidden tree, even as vulnerable as the scattered stardust. Anything, anywhere. An inexplicable love for literary spirits. Good movies & grand music. A budding writer whose sole purpose is to fill the canvas with splashing words. Most of my stories are based on people residing in India (to be precise, Kolkata). All the pictures used here are taken by Saurav.

Collection of poems.

I have been nominated for the sunshine blogger award of the month. Thanks to Jennifer Osuji who was kind enough to say these beautiful words: You are one of the people whose content inspires me. I honestly don’t know whether I deserve it or not, but it, indeed, is a great honour and privilege to be nominated for such an award. Thank you.

Also, I would like to take a moment to thank my fellow blogger Chang for nominating me for the inspiring Liebster Award 2017. And the Bloggers Recognition award too.

Read my book reviews here.

My works have been published in  CoverShr, Express Impacts, Misterkaki, Spillwords, Spillwords (Reading Sunday). Poemhunter etc.

All rights reserved.


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