A Festival of Light

A palette of crayons dancing in the naked rain. More than ever, I see immobile verses in motion. Light and heavy. I see the long islands of people illuminating the sky lanterns only to part with its light. With the shadow of an old sun comes the dawn of a new moon. And with the moon comes a sky, stars and unimaginative dreams. Rise up to the clouds. Look down and ridicule the dreams. Because to live is to look beyond your dreams. Only tonight the sky is already filled with dreams. The twinkling crackers rose up the ground to become another boy’s dream of last night. ‘it’s a festival of light’, they say. For me, it’s a festival of forbidden dreams that kindle the dreams within.


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  1. How beautiful is this prose?! Wow. You grabbed my attention right away with that opening line and you kept my attention with your imagery. Besides the opening line, one other stood out to me: “Because to live is to look beyond your dreams.” Wowee! Thanks so much for sharing!! 😊 ~Kelsey

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  2. Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it.

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  3. Beautiful words and complimentary image too. Reminded me of my years living in Trinidad in the Caribbean when the nation would celebrate Divali. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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  4. Shweta koul says:

    Nicely pen down, thanks a lot for sharing it

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  5. Chagall says:

    Unimaginative or unimaginable?


  6. Norah Vayle says:

    Your post conjures up such beautiful images. You have a way with words which is something to aspire to.

    Your encouragement is a big boost for amateurs like me. Hope to create better posts and receive more feedback in the future.

    Best wishes,

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  7. Thank you. Keep blogging!

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