Sugar Pie

I’m swapping the slices of a huge sugar pie.

Uniformly menaced slices.

Proportionately cremated on each side.

I swap them today, then the day before tomorrow.

Each time trying to replace it with a larger slice.

An impossible itinerary to a much bigger outcome.


I look outside.

A white-caped lamp post heading north-west,

Accompanied by a plethora of flies.

Like, I chased you out of your chaos

My city! Except there was no light in me.


I look outside. Again.

I see harlequin lights blinking outside a window.

Reds, like the avalanche of warm lust.

Blues, like vengeance.

The happy reminder of an obsolete day.

I want to swap these two,

The lightening bees and the colouring window.


So, I traded them off with the flicker of my eyes

Deliberate abstraction came to be absolute

Unlike the pie; and I’m rich from the inside.


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  1. Mukul Singh says:

    Beautifully penned!

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  2. Mukul Singh says:

    You are welcome!

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  3. Joanna says:

    Very beautiful poem. Abstract, but beautiful. I particularly like the last line, you’re rich from the inside!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    What a lovely poem, You most definitely have a way with putting words together and them coming across beautifully.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. joancajic says:

    Oh wow, if only you could be able to come up with something like this, I love how it flowed and just was lovely to read.

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  6. Beautiful poem! Not gonna lie this made me hungry for pie jk. All jokes aside this was fun to read, keep up the good work


  7. I sometimes swap the pie for a big slice. Then I realize it is more than I can handle


  8. lattelindsay says:

    This is a lovely poem! You definitely have a way with words and how you describe things 🙂

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  9. Beautiful poem! Love the vivid details used.

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  10. Stephanie says:

    Wow that was beautifully written! Thank you for sharing!

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  11. heidifowler says:

    You are very good at descriptive writing. I also like the last line the best. We’re all rich from the inside.

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  12. This is very interesting. How long have you been writing?

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  13. Brittany says:

    I love poems. This is so awesome. Thanks for sharing your unique writing style!!

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  14. Elaine to says:

    What a lovely poem !! I wish you can make more of these , will keep follow you, thanks

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  15. Wow, the words flowed verbally and visually. Very nice!

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  16. I really admire people who can write poems like you! This is beautifully written. Your way of writing is unique.

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  17. A little more than a year.


  18. I’ll try my best. Thank you for your support.


  19. Thank you. Means a lot.


  20. Anindya says:

    That’s quite a poetic pie, I must say 🙂

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  21. I’m quite out of my element, reading this poem. I must say, you’re missing out if you keep swapping your pie instead of enjoying what you already have. Bigger isn’t always better. I feel like I could understand it, but I wonder if I’m wrong. But poetry is profound and interpretation is different for all.

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  22. Princess Quinn says:

    This is so beautiful! We can all enjoy a pie and wait for the right time to swap it to a big slice so we will not be overwhelmed.

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  23. Beautiful poem, Ipsita.

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