All about Tonight

I wear a denim hat every night jamming with baggy t shirt and outgrown shorts, while indistinct favourites lie on my bed. A second-hand Ayn Rand, The Beatles echoing through the see-through deep blue curtains. A nerdy minion, enraptured by the brown cover of a book, is slipping out of the bookmark at page 80. A minion with an envious giant moustache. A frightening visual treat, indeed. Several off-the-rack emoticons are getting hungry for another trick or treat. And a new word to learn ‘Xenagorabibliomania’ which apparently means an obsessive curiosity about the books that strangers read in open spaces. Why am I talking about grey terms? Maybe tonight is about regular endeavours. A swashbuckling good-for-nothing night. A night not to disclose secrets but to create one from the scratch. A brand new crumpled page of vague incentives. For me, nights are about the sense of seclusion right in the stomach of all the commotion of lights and shadows. It’s almost like to be in a distant land with my own stream of sequestered thoughts.

It’s almost 4 am in the morning. I don’t want tonight to end. The sun may come out any minute now, refusing the portrait of dark smoke. I look at my reflexion in the mirror of moon streaks. At the greenroom, the bits of moon are getting ready to undergo the humiliation of another sun. The rustic madness that’s gripping my throat will soon be over and the voices of humanity will find its chord for a new day. Three-course meals and a new sunrise. For years I wondered why sleep couldn’t get hold of me like a regular scheme of life. I looked it in the eye and lured it away to the people of daily means. I’m a nonchalant owl who lives for the hours of physical silence, more than an infamous shower. I need my madness to put up with the hallucinations of tomorrow. Is it darkness that keeps me sane? I can prompt my thoughts when the stars reflect the blurry reflections on my eyes.

Then, yesterday flashed by the window. I happened to witness a Vesuvius in the sky. The sun bent down and the clouds rolled over him with fifty shades of blue. Pink, orange and blue-the three musketeers. I witnessed heaven coming down to earth and getting stuck in the middle by a booby trap of mystique. I wanted the clouds to fall on me so that I can taste their lips with my own. I followed the fluffy clouds until they could get rid of my stubborn vanity. Till the end of colours.

For another sunset to come, the sun must get up. Though I don’t want to part with my pseudo-intellectual state, I must let myself dissolve in the cacophony of another day. I can’t hide behind the chunk of dreams of my own creation forever. Days are beyond the finitude of my patience; nights are the buoy to my captain.

Unfiltered and reckless.


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  1. ESP says:

    poetic descriptions in almost every line, a great read!

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  2. Hello there! You had me captured from opening to ending line— wow! I’m super impressed. Your diction is utterly gorgeous and whimsical. I can’t decide if I felt a connection to the narrator or if I was envisioning it all in my own head during those insomnia nights of my own.

    A particular fave I absolutely have to quote back to you:
    “I need my madness to put up with the hallucinations of tomorrow. Is it darkness that keeps me sane? I can prompt my thoughts when the stars reflect the blurry reflections on my eyes.”

    I am a fan and definitely look forward to reading more of your work! Thank you for sharing. 😄 ~Kelsey

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  3. Thank you so much.

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  4. Arjun says: I have nominated you for the Bloggers recognition award. Cheers!!

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  5. nmgilb says:

    What a beautifully weaved tale that blurs the lines between journal and short story. Fantastic.

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  6. Amber says:

    Your writing is so incredible! You did such a wonderful job with this piece.

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  7. This is how I feel on nights when I am not tired. I am such a night owl and fight sleep.

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  8. Laurie says:

    Beautifully written. The last two words, unfiltered and reckless, really encapsulate the entire piece.

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  9. The opening! Very intriguing…and again, that line reminds me of those days I’d go jamming dressed in shorts and a baggy tee as well. Just fantastic!

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  10. mrsyoungade says:

    What a good writing, it is deep yet catchy. Your use of words are good too. Thank you for sharing this story!

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  11. Abrah Sprung says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I can’t wait to read more from you.

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  12. alieneating says:

    I loved the expressive tone and descriptive words you used. Really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing!

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  13. Colton says:

    Very cool website design and poetry to boot! Keep it up, bud! Cheers

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  14. Joanna says:

    I liked how you described the sunset as a Vesuvius in the sky. It did make me remember the sunsets I used to watch over the Vesuvius, in Napoli, a few weeks ago.

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  15. Love your descriptions! It has been a while since I wrote anything in a story kind of format. Any writing tips 😉

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  16. Pradnya says:

    Your description sounds very poetic! Loved your style. Wish I could write like this without it sounding like my ramblings!😊

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  17. Thank you. Tips are way too overrated. Just pour your heart out.


  18. bmcharnley says:

    I really like your writing style. It’s very intriguing. Thanks for sharing this story.

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  19. Your words flowed nicely here. What a great read.

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  20. This is a good read. I really enjoyed reading it. Beautiful writing style and choose of words.

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  21. Helen says:

    Written really well, your descriptions conjure up lots of images in the mind!

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  22. Princess Quinn says:

    You always put life in your words. I envision myself saying these things.

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  23. Flyingkids says:

    Such a beautiful piece. Well-written. Great writing style and approach.

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  24. I love reading your post! They are so captivating, you write so well it’s out of this world. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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