The Spectre

Agile drops of insane reality diving into the pool of serenity. My body is swarming with each drop, each crystalline alley in my nakedness. I try to find a way out. Transparency transforms my body into a maze. Dripping water takes the froth of filth away. It’s just me, scrubbed and polished. Almost a virgin. Here I am, under the shower trying to figure out the motion of sound. A stagnant figure against the shape of intangibles. Street music fades away towards the realm of green horizon. Small pieces of one big picture. The ringing bells of a cycle, loud women, dripping water on the bucket. Doorbell; an elevated son hugging his father. Oh, I can feel every motion running around the universe. Is it the water that alters my perspective? Is it the way they scribble onto my face, shoulders, the sinful freckles, the birthmark on my leg? Translucent sensations crossed each other’s paths with ease, dressing me with newly designed camouflage, then deforming themselves.

Or, is it really humane to fathom the riddles of universe from a static point with nature as a medium? Is it possible to decipher Camus’ theory of existence of non-existence without knowing the vast field of human psychology? How foolish of me to think I could figure out the world through the mysteries of water and sound! But again, can’t I?

Also, the world is highly contagious. I see the collision of love and hate, wrath and tenderness. The manifestation of emotions colliding with each other. Water; it’s on my body, inside my ribs, near the stream of blood.

I’m the spectre, invincible.


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  1. vballangel5 says:

    You’re a very talented writer. I love reading your posts

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  2. Wow. I enjoyed every word. I wish I could write like this. I also love the last paragraph. I think it’s so well written.

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  3. Amber says:

    How wonderful. As I’ve mentioned before, you have such a way with words. I always look forward to what you write.

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  4. Hannah Marie says:

    How do you put your feelings into words jn such an artistic way. In every line I read, I envisioned my self in it. How talented of you. Thank you for taking me into a dimension where I can be calmed.


  5. Thanks Hannah! That’s really sweet of you to say that.


  6. Sarah Bailey says:

    You really do have a wonderful way with words, a way that draws people in and makes me want to just keep on reading.

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  7. You have such a way with words, so beautiful and moving.

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  8. Princess Quinn says:

    Every word you have written touches my heart. I love your way of poetry. It is mistique and deep as well.

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  9. Geoff C says:

    Wonderful sharing! Thank you very much for this amazing article. What a good post and I love your good written I will show this to my friends. Glad that you share this

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  10. Juli says:

    So talented and the way you put the words together are exceptional.

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  11. If only the keyboard had the “finger snap” icon, I would give this a hundred plus snaps. Love every bit of this, you are a talented soul! 🙂

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  12. Oh that’s really nice of you.


  13. Haley says:

    Your writing flows very beautifully. You’re very talented and I can’t wait to read more from you. Thanks for sharing!

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  14. Nina says:

    so beautiful, brilliant and profound. It resonates with how I’ve always tried to fathom most things on a deeper level. Just makes life incredibly fascinating.

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  15. Smoshe says:

    Very talented!

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  16. Kiwi says:

    Thank you for another great piece. As I have said in the past you should get published!

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  17. Paula says:

    Eloquently and beautifully worded…

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  18. ninalehan21 says:

    Wow, very expressive, I love the way you write, so wonderfully captivating 🙂 keep up the good work

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  19. Carrie Liu says:

    Love your beautiful words. Also, love the picture you picked for this piece.

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  20. ohnikkashae says:

    Wow! You did an amazing job! So well written. When is your book coming out?

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  21. Evelyn Lo Foreman says:

    This is beautiful expressive and poetic. Thank you for sharing your work. I can tell words are your passion!

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  22. Not anytime soon. Thanks a lot!


  23. Such wonderful writing! I totally think you need to write a book!

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  24. Ally Jones says:

    Gosh i wish i could write like this. Absolutely amazing!

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  25. Ruth I. says:

    You have that talent in writing. I wonder how you do it, I mean, I can write but not as artistic and expressive as you are.

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  26. Have you considered writing a novel? This sounds amazing, you have a true talent. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  27. Thanks! I’m flattered. Yes, maybe someday.


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