It’s Only Words!

Words are departing from my left shoulder now; deceiving millions of alter egos, sabotaging each lone bend of my brain, cerebrum. I can physically feel their escape. They are coming off my eyes, my ears, the tip of my messy hair. The restless budge of my hands struggling to own the edge. Each syllable, each letter, a surging revolution.

A-R-T. T-A-R. R-A-T.

Oh, the subversive self! Cage them before they taste the nectar of liberty. Enslave the string of letters! Usher those abstract permutations and combinations to the unyielding power of my right thumb. Slaves of my literary universe! Salvage the world from the inevitable. Immobilize this game of restitution.


Like meteoroids hiding inside the spurious label of shooting ‘stars’, you deceive me. Yet I struggle to connote a form, a decent habiliment to hold on to your internal dominance. You could’ve gone to war. You could’ve stopped the unending waiting of people for a miracle; that guy in a Guy Fawkes mask could’ve been you. But you chose to take shelter in between the yellow decaying pages of the books in a senile library. You chose the dozing eyes of the budding poets over the clamour of paparazzi.

Nebula of abstractions! Bring me the king’s blood.


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  1. Amy Smith says:

    Short but very powerful, I very much enjoyed this blog. Words are truly very powerful.

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  2. I actually read this a while ago (by a while I mean maybe a few days ago to last week?). I’m currently taking a break from writing my essay on free verse poetry, and in all honesty, I can’t tell if this is a free verse poem or pros! I mean that in a really good way and in a way that I’m mocking myself. It sounds poetic, if it isn’t a poem 🙂

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  3. I”m glad you liked it!


  4. That depends on the reader’s perspective. I just write what I feel. Maybe some things are better without any classification. What you said is lovely. Thank you.

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  5. Powerful words! The post is really thoughtful.

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  6. momotalk says:

    This is such a beautiful peace of creative writing.. keep it up!

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  7. Struggling to get words on a page is something I face too. Powerful message, and your delivery is very intense and captivating.

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  8. mealswithmark says:

    powerful post! Look forward to reading more

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  9. DSM Tool says:

    Words are really powerful. I like your blog. Thank you for sharing.

    Kit / DSM Tool

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  10. johnebialas says:

    Well done!

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  11. craftetic says:

    I really love this post and I will read others as well. I adore artists and creative minds. Following your blog also! Keep it up. Inspiration for others:)

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  12. Thanks a lot! Keep blogging.

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  13. really enjoyed reading this post.

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  14. BrainierYou says:

    Nice placement of words to come up with with an interesting yet intriguing piece.

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  15. Love this post, you write so well!

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  16. rosemalde says:

    Very well written and a joy to read. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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  17. Words are truly incredibly powerful ♡. Thanks for sharing yours!

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  18. Ann says:

    Deep. Emotions very well portrayed through the poem. You have that gift!

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  19. Ben Aqiba says:

    Short is post ( I love short posts) , but great. Very emotional

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  20. roamy says:

    Thanks for sharing, I will never consider any writing only words as I do struggle to write.Having said that, I really enjoy reading and writing and do not consider any reading only words but as new light.

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  21. Baffledmum says:

    Words used very well to write this, well done. X

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  22. Ralu Glunk says:

    You’re right words have more power than we think. Your article is short but I totally love it. It’s a proof that sometimes a little goes a long way.

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  23. SereneMind says:

    That was a great one. Love the creativity. It was sure powerful.

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  24. mschmidt2017 says:

    Palindrome are my favorite! Great poat!

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