Life Happens

His dark complexion and the decrepit figure didn’t go along with the depiction of an artist; though his agile hands and the lucidity of those topaz eyes contradicted the view. His lips were half asunder, the slightly frayed t-shirt indicating a vestige of vulnerability. The hustle and bustle of the vast seething city couldn’t make him come back to the reality. He was there, enclosed in his own universe; a world of marbles.

When I approached him, he was embellishing his artwork with the tiny pieces of marbles for the exhibition. Although we often meet artists outside the Academy of Fine Arts, he seemed to be the one with extraordinary profundity which made me befriend him.

‘How long have you been doing this?’ I asked, curiously.

‘It’s been ages since my conscience led me to marbles. I’m from West Bengal, you know! But art is widely appreciated in Rajasthan. Foreigners come and go. Good money.’ He ejaculated with childish frivolity.

‘But what made you choose marbles? Why not something else?’

Thus, he unbolted the secret door to the prolonged passage of his dogged determination and unyielding persistence. A journey from the forlorn shack in Rajasthan to the city of Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, an expedition toward the proximity of infinity. I wonder how impetuously life takes a detour when the insipid monotony strangles our daily vocations. Sudden opportunities are likely to pave the way when we scrounge the worst of the strife.

For him, it came in disguise of a French woman who happened to stroll along the street and confronted the novice’s artworks. She immediately asked him to come to Paris and assured him to provide all the rudimentary needs. After a month or two, he found himself on the boulevards of this picturesque city adorned with art, poetry and gastronomy. The French woman, who happened to be a reputed artist herself, bolstered the young man’s confidence by edifying him with requisite knowledge of a detailed carving of marbles.

Now he travels half the world, yet he comes back to his place again and again, the place where it all started, Rajasthan.

Meeting him was an honor, indeed. It was also a reminder of how queer life is. It has its own way of playing its cards. The very moment you think everything is in shambles, life puts you at the apex of something gigantic, the spot you always thought you deserved.


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  1. creativeonlinecom says:

    So beautifully written. Loved the blog post❤️

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  2. morethanateacherweb says:

    I like how you make us feel as if we are in the moment

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  3. Wow this is very well written. Enjoyed the read Thanks!

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  4. Frank says:

    had a good read, amazing post :))

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  5. daraward15 says:

    Very descriptive and a nice read!

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  6. 50shadesofsahara says:

    Wow this was beautiful! I could only dream of writing this well!!

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  7. Very beautiful thanks for writing this post.

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  8. You write so well and as I read it, I could picture it in my head. Life sure has a way to bringing us all back to our roots eventually. Beautiful post!

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  9. So well written, loved reading it! Keep up good work.

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  10. Anna Bruce says:

    Beautifully written! I felt like I was reading a novel. Please don’t ever stop writing.

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  11. Very descriptive ^_^ It’s beautiful

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  12. Abigail says:

    I love your style of writing 🙂

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  13. technepalcom says:

    Love the writing and blog.

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  14. tararaquelfuller says:

    such an interesting read! I agree – life works in mysterious ways, from incredible lows to surprising and uplifting highs!

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  15. ivmalaric says:

    totally agree 🙂

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  16. Verskil says:

    Such beautiful writing and great message at the end.

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  17. Subhadeep Sarkar says:

    Lucid . will reveal more of the compliments as I go by.

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  18. Hi, you have a wonderful writing style. I look forward to reading more. It would be wonderful if you could kind of fill up more details on your page as well including the topics that interest you etc. Would love to read up.

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  19. Yeah, sure. And thanks a lot!


  20. No Eggs says:

    “…life puts you at the apex of something gigantic … ”

    I just love that last sentence, it’s so true.

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  21. Chander_Ajay says:

    Interesting info..!!

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  22. rishhu says:

    Lucid, and as others have commented – great write up!

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  23. Your writing is very beautiful.. words feel so magical in their arrangement.. I’m so happy I found this…

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  24. Thanks for your kind words.


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